1) Ladies and Gentlemen, please gather and take your seats. The Men’s Singles Final will begin shortly.
2) Please welcome our finalists, (一番Away選手)from ODO , Motoji Kadoya , (short break) and from HDO , Takeshi Higashida
3) 2 practice throws each please
4) (一番Away選手) Takeshi to call heads or tails.(Takeshi-tails)
5) It’s heads, Motoji to throw first for the middle. (twenty-five {pull it out?} , twenty-five) Throw again
  This time it's Takeshi to throw first for the middle. (outside the twenty-five, bullseye) Second dart
6)501, best of 5 legs, 1st leg, Motoji to throw first, GAME ON
7)10点以下は ○○ scored,  0点 と バストは no score, Time, check the score please, 正しいスコアを言ってMotoji, you require 104.
8) 上がれる残り点になったらTakeshi, you require 40 か Takeshi requires 40
9) The limit has been reached. This leg will be decided by sudden death, a one dart throw at the bullseye, Motoji to throw first
10)Game shot and the first leg, Motoji kadoya, 2nd leg, Takeshi to throw first, GAME ON
  Game shot and the second leg, Tkakeshi Higashida 3rd leg, Motoji to throw first, GAME ON etc...
11) GAME SHOT AND THE MATCH!! This year’s Champion, Takeshi Higashida!!